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CAD Sketcher Roadmap

This is the easy to read version of the CAD Sketcher roadmap. This page is very flexible currently and not much is set in stone. However, the closer we get to release 1.0.0 and the more support we receive the more likely things will become finalized and maybe even dated.

Feature Requests

Bounty Hunting

Bug Reports

CAD Sketcher Roadmap: Services

Change Log

CAD Sketcher Roadmap: Services

CAD Sketcher 0.27.0

The Checkpoint Update

Roadmap Key


○ - Open, more features could still be added via requests.

● - Closed, no more features to be added to release.


☐ - Feature confirmed as possible.

◍ - Feature possibility unknown, further research needed.

✇ - Underdevelopment 

☑ - Development complete.

CAD Sketcher Roadmap: Text

● Release 1.0.0

The Sketcher Fundamentals

CAD Sketcher Addon:

☑ Constraint Shortcuts.

☑ Communicating that a sketch is fully constrained.

☑ Horizontal/Vertical distance constraint mode.

☑ Keeping Materials after sketch edits.

☑ Linked duplicate support.

☑ Modifier application support. (Destructive workflow)

☑ Sketch bevel tool.

☑ Coincident point auto merging.

☑ Improved constraint. symbol placement.

☑ Radial mode to diameter constraint.

☑ Constraint display toggle.

☑ Entity Grab: Move All Selected.

☑ Expose Workplane XYZ ( Quaternion(WXYZ) Conversion )

☑ Workplane To 3D Cursor.

☑ Reference Dimensions

☑ Blender Driver Support.

☑ Selection Modifiers.

☑ Shortcut in all tooltips.

☑ Trim entity tool.

☑ Constraints selectability toggle.

☑ Sketch Force Update Button.

☑ Entity Renaming.

☐ Auto Dimensional Inputs.

☐ Entity Copy & Paste.

☐ Offset Tool

☑ Drag box selection.

☐ Bug Fixing.

☐ Maintainable & Extendable Code Architecture.

☐ Thorough Testing & Tweaking before1.0.0 Release.


✇ Website.

☑ Shortcut sheet.

☐ Documentation update.

✇ Discord Community.

✇ Social media.

☐ User onboarding.

☐ Dev contribution onboarding.

☑ Acceptance to Open Collective.

✇ Communicate with early sponsors.

☐ Maker Tales free youtube course.

CAD Sketcher Roadmap: Text

○ Release 2.0.0

Referencing Fundamentals

CAD Sketcher Addon:

☐ Linked Sketches.

☐ Sketch Duplication.

◍ Mesh face referenced workplans.

☐ Improved Sketch to sketch referencing.

☐ Referenceable Tables ( Maybe CSV Support )

☐ Better entity organization

☐ UI update

Have more Ideas let us know: Feature Requests 


☐ Maker Tales free youtube course.

CAD Sketcher Roadmap: Text

The Future

CAD Sketcher Addon:

◍ Project lines from objects

◍ Snapping to outside geometry

◍ Smooth shading support

☐ CAD Sketcher "API" letting other addons plugin to the power of CAD Sketcher.


☐ CAD Sketcher external development fund and community driven green light program.

CAD Sketcher Roadmap: Text

Have A Suggestion?

CAD Sketcher Roadmap: Text

Version Numbering

We are using Semantic Versioning.

In a nutshell:
First number is for "BIG" updates.
Second number is feature adding.

Thrid number is bugfixes. 

CAD Sketcher Roadmap: Text

See The Work Being Done

CAD Sketcher Roadmap: Text
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