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CAD Sketcher 0.27.0

The Checkpoint / Copy & Paste Update


  • Copy/Paste support for Sketches & Constraints (Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V)

  • Duplicate Selection (Shift + D)

  • Dragbox Selection

  • Multi-entity / Full selection moving ( G )

  • Align workplane to cursor operator (Right-click a workplane edge)


  • Added more tool hints


  • Blender 3.4.1 Compatibility fix

  • Supplementary Angle Constraint bug

  • Arc constraints not working in the opposite order

  • Occasional bug when implicitly merging points with coincident constraint

  • Selecting an entity from n-panel no longer resets the existing selection

  • Bevel & Arc interaction


  • Further steps being taken to clean code and refactor.

  • This will make it easier for new and existing devs

  • Plus another but load of other little fixes


A mini update to minimize the number of "bug" reports form issues that have already been addressed.

CAD Sketcher 0.27.0: Text

Updates In Action

Splitting Geometric and Distance Constraints

01 Splitting Constraints.PNG

Cleaner Constraint positioning

02 before and after.jpg

Highlight constraint members when hovering over constraint


Report dependencies when deleting a point

04 pointing out dependancies.jpg

Workplane XYZ (11).gif

Constraint Naming (12).gif

Mesh Conversion Resolution (13).gif

Bevel Tool (Beta) (15).gif

Selection Modifiers (16).gif

Select target object when leaving sketch (17).gif

Blender Driver Support (18).gif

Workplane size preference (19).gif

Auto hiding objects preference (20).gif
CAD Sketcher 0.27.0: Services
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