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Bounty Board

What is it?

A bounty rewards a chosen solution for an issue.

- CAD Sketcher funds a bounty on an open issue we want to see addressed.
- The Hunters can claim the bounty by providing a completed solution.
- CAD Sketcher can accept or reject the claims.
- The bounty is awarded when the solution is accepted.

How It Works:

  1. Pick a bounty you want to tackle.

  2. Solve the issue and submit a merge request.

  3. If the merge is accepted and successful CAD Sketcher will request an invoice for you at the value of the bounty after-tax and pay you promptly.

By after-tax, we mean that if there is a bounty for $100 and your TAX is 20% you would invoice us $80 + TAX so that the final value of your invoice is equal to the bounty.

Cad Sketcher Bounty Board: Text

Reward: $4300

The Big 1.0.0 Milestone push.
We're looking for a team or a dev that is willing to take the challenge of the BIG 1.0.0 push.

Get in contact via Discord or Github to commit with a timeline to this push and we will "Lock" the bounty to you.

Cad Sketcher Bounty Board: Text

Feel free to join the Discord and assign yourself the role of bounty hunter to get pinged when a bounty comes up.

We would love it if you would consider taking on some of the small issues though.

Cad Sketcher Bounty Board: Text
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