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Bounty Board

What is it?

A bounty is a reward for a chosen solution for an issue.

- CAD Sketcher funds a bounty on an open issue we want to see addressed.
- The Hunters can claim the bounty by providing a completed solution.
- CAD Sketcher can accept or reject the claims.
- The bounty is awarded when the solution is accepted.

How It Works:

  1. Pick an issue you want to tackle.

  2. Get this issue assigned to you by leaving a comment on it letting us know the estimated dev time.
    ( Please also clearly state if this is a donation of your time or if you want the bounty for it's completion, along with any other questions or bounty requests you may have. Once assigned the bounty is technically "locked" to you. In case someone else merges a solution before you.)

  3. Solve the issue and submit a merge request.

  4. If the merge is accepted and successful CAD Sketcher will request an invoice for you at the value of the bounty after-tax and pay you promptly.

By after-tax, we mean that if there is a bounty for $100 and your TAX is 20% you would invoice us $80 + TAX so that the final value of your invoice is equal to the bounty.

Bounties are split up into 4 tiers that are set by the admin team:
Micro - $50
Small - $100
Medium - $250
Large - $500+ / Put in an offer

We look forward to hearing from you and happy hunting!

Cad Sketcher Bounty Board: Text

Feel free to join the Discord and assign yourself the role of bounty hunter to get pinged when a bounty comes up.

We would love it if you would consider taking on some of the small issues though.

Cad Sketcher Bounty Board: Text
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