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CAD Sketcher 0.24.0

CAD Sketcher 0.24.0

  • Radius Constraint Shortcut (Alt + R)

  • Less obtrusive dimension arrows @BaoNTGH

  • Fixed Name Updating

  • Fix constraint text placement not respecting text size @exegetor

  • Add sketch in Add Menu @BaoNTGH

  • Dimension Arrow Scaling @exegetor

  • Entity Naming @BaoNTGH

  • Switch active tool when going in and out of sketch mode @BaoNTGH

  • Constraint visibility toggling @BaoNTGH

  • Trim Tool! WIP (Shortcut Y) - Think of it like a trimmed X

  • Display shortcut hints @BaoNTGH

  • Force update function

  • Panel hierarchy change

  • Allow vertical/horizontal constraints between points

  • Allow adding distance constraint for a single line

  • Constraints selectability Modifier (Press Shift to NOT select a constraint)

  • Plus LOTS and LOTS of other little fixes

CAD Skethcer 0.24.0: Text
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